2016-2017 Grantees


Komen Kansas City is the local source for funding breast cancer detection, support and educational awareness in the Greater Kansas City Service Area. Through its 2016-2017 community grants, Komen Kansas City is investing nearly $200,000 in education, diagnosis, treatment and support programs here in the Greater Kansas City service area here provided by local organizations that serve uninsured or underinsured residents in our service area. Since it was founded in 1994, Komen Kansas City has invested more than $11.3 million in local breast health agencies and organizations.

It is estimated that thousands of people in our service area today are living with breast cancer.  The funds Komen Kansas City grants to community programs in our service area have made a positive difference in the lives of those living with this deadly disease.

Current grantees Include:

Cancer Action:
www.canceractionkc.org | 913.642.8885

Cancer Action is a local agency dedicated to reducing stress and improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with cancer in Kansas City; providing vital services that address the physical, social, emotional and financial needs of cancer patients and their families. This grant provides support for cancer Actions professional case managers to over 700 women facing the challenge of breast cancer in our community. These caring professionals offer emotional support, education and guidance to women and their families through every step of their cancer journey.

Coalition of Hispanic Women against Cancer:
www.chwac.org | 913.831.2200

This is a comprehensive program to increase awareness/knowledge among Latinas about breast cancer prevention, early detection, and resources, along with follow-up to ensure continuum of care. Program activities include: Community presentations via lay health educators, participating in outreach events to provide cancer prevention information, raising awareness on social media with weekly facts posted on Facebook, using tablets for educational media, and providing a Spanish support group for cancer patients/survivors. The program serves Latina women between ages 20-65 who do not have access to care, are uninsured, and are limited in English proficiency. The focus is on the Greater Kansas City metro area. The impact of the program will be assessed via data analyses of the demographics of the participants population, conducting education pre- and post-tests and client satisfaction surveys.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment:
www.kdheks.gov/edw/index.html | 785.296.1207

The purpose of Early Detection Works (EDW) is to increase access to breast cancer screenings and diagnostic services for women ages 40-64. Women diagnosed with cancer through EDW have expedited access to treatment through the Kansas Medicaid Program. EDW is funded by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to provide breast screening for women ages 50-64. This age guideline creates a gap in services for women under age 50. Susan G. Komen’s funding will ensure more breast health services, including clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, and diagnostic mammograms, are offered to EDW women ages 40-49. Also, breast health education events will be provided using Komen’s complete breast self-awareness messaging and materials, as well as referrals or onsite enrollment
to breast screening services.

Healthy Living Kansas:
www.healthylivingkansas.org | 866.238.4704 

The 2015 Community Profile found the lowest breast cancer (BCA) screening rates clustered in NE Kansas. This area is marked by high poverty rates, low health insurance coverage, and difficult service access. HLK addresses this disparity through an educational approach where they partner with NE KS organizations to offer BCA awareness education sessions and local screening resources. HLK assesses program impact by tracking participants at educational sessions, partners engaged, and referrals. Partnering with employers builds upon efforts to expand the number of rural Kansans reached. Engaging community partners in this initiative increases BCA awareness, promotes program sustainability and moves towards a long-term goal of improving BCA morbidity and mortality in NE KS.

Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph Breast Care:
 | 816.271.6000

A continuing problem in Buchanan County and surrounding areas are the number of women not accessing a yearly screening mammogram and follow-up diagnostic tests. For many women, the barrier to receiving these services is financial constraints. A percentage of women do not qualify for established programs for a variety of reasons, including age and sudden financial calamity, such as job loss. Women who struggle to pay for a screening mammogram are much less likely to seek diagnostic testing if it is needed, or to seek screening on a yearly basis. MLC provides funds to allow these women to receive these needed services. Women scheduling a mammogram or referred for further diagnostics will receive financial counseling, and if it is found they do not qualify for established programs but have need, this fund is a resource for them. The goal is to reduce the late-stage diagnosis rate of breast cancer in this area by making early detection possible.

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center:
www.rodgershealth.org | 816.474.4920

The Komen program at SURHC provides breast health education and breast cancer screenings to underserved populations for individuals aged 20-64 who are uninsured or underinsured. The target population is women who are African-American, Hispanic, Vietnamese or Somali. SURHC will provide community awareness and education, but also participate in screening, diagnostic services and referral, and case management services. SURHC will conduct community-based outreach addressing risk factors, and symptoms (other than a lump or breast abnormality) to individuals at churches, public housing, businesses, and emergency/temporary shelters at outreach events. We will reduce barriers for eligible women needing access to care by providing assistance with appointment scheduling, interpretation, and navigation through the health care systems.

Shawnee Mission Medical Center (SMMC):
www.shawneemission.org | 913.676.2000

SMMC is a provider for the Kansas Early Detection Works (EDW) program. The program includes education, screening, diagnosis, case management, and referral for cancer treatment. SMMC is the only hospital in Johnson County that is an EDW provider serving women from Johnson, Wyandotte, Miami and Shawnee counties. Other hospitals refer their uninsured patients with symptoms of breast cancer to SMMC for enrollment in the program. Last year, 563 women were served, and 16 were diagnosed with breast cancer. SMMC’s grant will fund patient navigation services, interpreter services, and admin support. This support will allow SMMC to continue providing this life-saving program to underprivileged women in our community.

Social Welfare Board:
www.socialwelfareboard.org | 816.233.5188

Funding of this program allows Social Welfare Board to provide an experienced family nurse practitioner to offer clinical breast exams and refer eligible patients to the SMHW program. Abnormal exams will be followed through by staff of the Social Welfare Board. The resulting change is that vulnerable uninsured women living in poverty who primarily reside in Buchanan County will have access to quality breast health care and receive clinical breast exams.

Truman Medical Center:
www.trumed.org | 816.404.1000

Truman Medical Center’s Patient Navigator Program helps uninsured and underserved women by providing services in the breast cancer continuum of care. TMC expects to serve women during the next grant period by (1) promoting breast health education; (2) providing one-on -one support to women diagnosed with breast cancer as they navigate the health care system; (3) providing access to and coordination of screening mammograms; (4) providing support services to meet the basic needs of women with breast cancer

Unified Government (of Wyandotte County) Public Health Department:
http://www.wycokck.org/InternetDept.aspx?id=18460&menu_id=958&banner=15284 | 913.573.8855

This program will address the limitations that uninsured/underinsured and socioeconomically challenged women in Wyandotte County have in accessing preventative cancer screening services. Clients are screened for enrollment into the Kansas Early Detection Works (EDW) program. If qualified, EDW is used as a payer source. If she doesn’t qualify, then Komen grant dollars are used. These services can include a clinical breast exam, mammogram and, if any problems are identified, follow up through the continuum of care.

YWCA St. Joseph:
www.ywcasj.org | 816.232.4481

The ENCOREplus program is vital in providing Hispanic women with education and early detection information and resources, participant navigation services, barrier reduction, and referrals. Programming activities include: taxi/bus vouchers, cell phone linked to bilingual staff, education in Spanish, and navigation services throughout the entire continuum of care.

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