Survivorship: Family/Co-Survivors Cont.

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A breast cancer diagnosis can be confusing, overwhelming and scary. Make sure that you build and search for a support community to support you in your journey. The support of others who care about you and your well-being can give you the strength to cope and retain a sense of control during this challenging time.

Talking to Your Children About Your Diagnosis

Each child and each family is unique, and helping children cope with a loved one’s diagnosis can present many challenges.

However you decide to tell your children, be as open and honest as possible no matter how hard it may seem. You decide how much you want to say. Remember that children, just like adults, will fill in wherever you leave gaps. And because children may not know as much as adults, it is more likely that what they fill the gaps with will be wrong.

Encourage your children to talk to you and to ask questions. Giving honest, realistic answers to their questions will help lessen their fears. If you are going to be gone for a few days, if you are getting sick from the treatment or if you are losing your hair or a breast, let your children know why this is happening. Explain anything that changes their daily routine.

It is a good idea to let your children’s teachers know what you are going through — especially for younger children. The teachers may be able to help the children cope if they spend most of the day at school.

Finally, just as your children depend on you, you can depend on them too. They can be, and probably want to be, a source of support for you. They will want to listen to you, hug you, kiss you and spend time with you. Let them.

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Your Gifts in Action: Truman Medical Center & their Patient Navigator Program

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Your Gifts in Action:
Truman Medical Center & their Patient Navigator Program

Death from breast cancers occurs disproportionately among women who are uninsured or underserved. This rate is higher for those living in Truman Medical Center’s direct service area.

The overarching goal of TMC’s patient navigation program is to diminish the barriers to treatment our at-risk patients face and successfully provide them access to care, individualized emotional support, and practical needs for the duration of treatment.

This year we will assist 60 (sixty) patients diagnosed with breast cancer at TMC as they maneuver the complex health care system and overcome obstacles to care.

Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City is proud to support Truman Medical Centers with a grant providing funding for their patient navigation program that supports so many in our community each year. Truman Medical Centers has received funding from Komen Kansas City every year since the founding of our affiliate 25 years ago. Their impact on the health and wellness of our community is immeasurable.

As we celebrate 25 years of service to the Kansas City community we take our hats off to the work TMC does and to those they help every day.