5 New Komen KC Facebook Filters!

2017 Komen KC Facebook Filters

Facebook Photo Filters / Camera Effects – How To Guide!

On your smartphone (Apple or Android) …

  1. Go to Facebook: Once your main timeline feed comes up select the camera icon in the upper left of the screen.
  2. Once you have selected your camera you will see filters on the bottom section of your screen. If you have previously liked our Facebook page you will see our Facebook filters as options.
  3. Scroll around until you see one of the five (5) Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City filters and select it for use.
  4. Take the photo by selecting the solid white circle in the middle. You can then either scroll back to the Facebook page to use the picture with a Komen KC filter or choose to save your photo and filter by selecting the down arrow on the bottom right and sharing on a different platform.
  5. Be sure to use #MoreThanPinkKC in your post to be entered to win!

We’ll run some contests for these on FB, TW and IN as we get closer to Race as well.

Happy photographing and filtering!

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