2016 Pink Honor Roll Members Announced


2016 Members

Congratulations to our newest members of the Pink Honor Roll! Their combined individual efforts raised more than $91,249.16 (and counting) in support for screenings, treatments, education and research to find a cure for breast cancer.

This year we are adding the top 25 team captains to the list as well! Their combined efforts added another $135,330.57 (and counting) in fundraising to support our mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever.

More than $226,000 raised by these individuals and teams!

Thank you to each and every one of these dedicated individuals and their teams for their fundraising efforts. Be sure to watch throughout the year for special recognition opportunities provided for this elite group!

David Armstrong
Debbie Ball *
Alison Banikowski *
Marylee Battaglia *
Melanie Bowman
Erica Brandli
Brian Britton *
Elroy Carr
Jim Covington **
Dennis Collins
Elizabeth Daniel
Gabriella DiMona
Nancy Dold
Kelly Fowler *
Carli Good
Linda Hansen **
Melissa Harmon
Robert Hayes
Laurie Haynes
Dianne Chestnut Herian
Sue Honeyfield
Barbara Innes
Cheryl Jernigan *
Carol Johnson *
Alexandria Johnson
Brenda Kuder
Christina Kuebler *
Debra Lewis
Margaret Lima
Kathy Lowery
Kathy Lueckert
Kim Lund
Jenni Merker **
Nikki Morrow *
Kevin Obrien
Tracey Patch *
Marybeth Prager
Debbie Prawl
Brandy Reed
Joannie Reed **
Alice Roach
Billie Roberts
Lindsay Roesler *
Ann Roth **
Deb Schulte *
Vickie Simon *
Ken Singleton **
Lori Sitek
Kirby Smith **
Mike Smith *
Karen Spencer **
Pam Taylor *
Megan Thompson
Michelle Twyman *
Lita Webb
Rebecca Weedmark
Denise Wiese
Alena Wille *
Alex Willis

* Denotes BOTH Individual & Team Captain Pink Honor Roll recognition
** Denotes Team Captain Pink Honor Roll recognition

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