Collaboration: National Treatment Assistance Fund

The costs of breast cancer treatment can impose a significant financial burden on survivors. The Susan G. Komen® National Treatment Assistance Fund helps bridge the gap for individuals who are actively undergoing breast cancer treatment.

The aim of the National Treatment Assistance Fund is to increase the number of individuals who remain in the breast cancer continuum of care by providing financial assistance to ensure adherence and completion of breast cancer treatment. Funding helps individuals of any age who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, at any stage of the disease.

The fund provides two types of financial assistance – assistance grants and co-pay – based upon need and eligibility requirements. This limited financial assistance program is currently administered by CancerCare and the co-pay program is currently administered by Patient Advocate Foundation.

Limited financial assistance grants of $300 are awarded to underinsured or uninsured individuals across the country in need of:

  • Pain and anti-nausea medication
  • Lymphedema support and supplies with a prescription
  • Durable medical equipment ordered by their physician
  • Transportation to and from treatment
  • Childcare and/or eldercare necessitated by treatment
  • Oral medication for cancer treatment

Co-Pay Relief up to $5000 is provided for insured patients who qualify medically and financially to help with the co-pays for their prescriptions and/or pharmaceutical treatments.

For both programs, financial assistance is granted to individuals who meet pre-determined eligibility criteria.

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#TakeTheCrown Competition Spills over to Komen KC & Komen NYC Affiliates


WAKE UP KC (literally we mean that after last night’s 14-inning win)
… YOUR Kansas City Royals are in the 2015 World Series!

Back to Back appearances for OUR boys in Blue means another Susan G. Komen affiliate got a Facebook Post & Tweet challenging them to a friendly wager!

IF the Royals win the Worlds Series the staff at #KomenKC will get a tasty platter of New York Bagels, Lox and Cream Cheese (Some of the best foods they have to offer)

IF the Mets were to somehow win the Kansas City affiliate would send some of our best BBQ (KC Joe’s, Jack Stack, Bryant’s, etc.) to the NYC affiliate!


SO … here is how YOU can get in the game as well:


Plz RT: Go @Royals! #TakeTheCrown! Do it 4 @KomenKansasCity & fight #BreastCancer! #WorldSeries @KomenGreaterNYC

(Feel free to attach the top or bottom pictures from this post as well)

Good luck to both teams and Let’s Go Royals: Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap-Clap!


Pink Royals Backround