A Note from our Komen KC Executive Director: Carli Good

Thank you again for your support of Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City and our 2015 Race for the Cure this past weekend! It was an incredible day, gathering nearly 15,000 members of the breast cancer community, fundraising and fighting to find a cure. With money still coming in, we are extremely close to overtaking our $1 million fundraising goal. THANK YOU for you doing your part; we are extremely grateful for your passionate commitment and support of finding a cure and a heathier future.

Primarily due to continued challenges downtown and uncertainties from road construction, we changed our venue in 2015. It took time to find a location that would not only accommodate our large volume of participants, but be an experience to remember. Worlds of Fun showed us that they were committed to furthering Komen’s mission and offered unique fundraising opportunities, which brought in significant pre-Race fundraising dollars. These opportunities have been critical elements in meeting the growing need for funds to save lives and help end breast cancer forever. To date, we are projecting to raise more money than last year, due in part to this.

As our signature fundraising event for 22 years in Kansas City, our commitment will forever be to host the best overall Race experience possible each year. This past Sunday, some elements of Race Day failed to meet our expectations. Specifically, we are aware that traffic congestion – due to participant volume, multiple interstate accidents, and/or otherwise – delayed participant arrivals in many cases and impacted the overall Race-day experience for others. For these unforeseen and/or other unexpected challenges, we sincerely apologize for the frustration and inconvenience this may have caused. We did our best on Race morning to adapt to these circumstances by delaying both the Survivor Parade and the Start of Race. We also left the start line open as long as people wanted to begin the Race.

As we look to next year, we will consider all feedback provided to us since Sunday. We heard both your frustrations as well as how much you loved the venue. We will additionally be sending a post-Race survey in the coming week; please take a moment to share your thoughts and suggestions as a way to help shape and improve upon future event planning. Please know we value and welcome the voice of our Komen community. It our responsibility to listen; we will always strive to be better.

Again, on behalf of our Komen staff, board of directors and Race Leadership Team, I would like to thank you for celebrating with us on Race Day.

All my best,


Carli Howard Good, MSW
Executive Director

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