Announcing Susan G. Komen’s Partnership with Joan Lunden


Joan Lunden - Alive

We are expanding Komen’s outreach through Joan Lunden’s new streaming subscription-based television network devoted to breast cancer, and overall health and wellness!

One year ago, Joan Lunden heard those unforgettable words: You have breast cancer. The daughter of a cancer surgeon, and one of the country’s most beloved television personalities and journalists, Joan knew she wanted to share her story publicly. That experience inspired this channel.

ALIVE with Joan Lunden is TV designed specifically for all of us going through the breast cancer journey as a patient, survivor, family member or friend. It offers daily video content that informs, educates, empowers, and offers access to Joan and breast cancer researchers, advocates and survivors, many of whom are funded or supported by Komen.

Joan Lunden - Alive Video Graphic

Joan is offering Komen supporters a free, two-week subscription to the channel. Information about this special offer is available by clicking the link below. After the free trial period, 15% of the $9.95 monthly subscription fee will be donated to Susan G. Komen to help further our mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer forever.


Thank you for your continued support of Susan G. Komen!

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