Meet the Komen KC Staff: Pam Saccone

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Meet the Komen KC Staff: Pam Saccone

This week we focus on collaborations … our Komen Kansas City staff are the ultimate face of collaborations with everything they do 365 days a year. Our team is made up of professionals that constantly move our mission forward with their strategic thinking and detailed oriented tactics that have made our affiliate one of the best in the country. We took a break from our typical #NBCAM content to include a brief bio on each of our team! Take a look and get a chance to meet the Komen KC staff!


  • Hometown: Wichita, KS
  • Lived in the Greater Kansas City area for: 27 years
  • Position Title: Office Administrator
  • Your position description in 140 characters or less: I make sure the office runs smoothly and that everyone has the tools needed to succeed. I also manage the many volunteers that help us.
  • Komen Connection (Why are you here?): We make an impact on a person’s health mentally and physically. It’s so rewarding to see our fundraising dollars directly benefit the local community and worldwide research to find the cures!
  • Favorite Part of working for Komen: Hearing and seeing that the information on our website and the monies granted into our community have helped someone.
  • Other organizations you volunteer for? Unity of Kansas City North
  • Something no one in this office knows about you (until now): I have a fear of heights.
  • Favorite KC Sports Team (Pro or College): Royals
  • If you didn’t work for Komen what else would you be doing? Volunteering at other nonprofits

Do you have something to share with a Komen KC staff member/intern? You can email Pam at

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