Meet the Komen KC Staff: David Armstrong

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Meet the Komen KC Staff: David Armstrong

This week we focus on collaborations … our Komen Kansas City staff are the ultimate face of collaborations with everything they do 365 days a year. Our team is made up of professionals that constantly move our mission forward with their strategic thinking and detailed oriented tactics that have made our affiliate one of the best in the country. We took a break from our typical #NBCAM content to include a brief bio on each of our team! Take a look and get a chance to meet the Komen KC staff!

DA photo 2

  • Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Lived in the Greater Kansas City area for: 14 years
  • Position Title: Special Events Director
  • Your position description in 140 characters or less: Operations, sponsorship and fundraising oversight for both our annual Race for the Cure as well as a newly created 2nd signature fundraising event (for 2015 and beyond)
  • Komen Connection (Why are you here?): Komen gives me the chance to simultaneously leverage my strengths while being purposeful and difference-making in my role and contributions. With my personal family – and our Komen family – profoundly touched by breast cancer, it is an opportunity and privilege to educate, celebrate, and contribute to the continued fight for survivorship and the day we find a cure.
  • Favorite Part of working for Komen: The fellowship and passion within our Komen community and constituency
  • Other organizations you volunteer for? YMCA/Pembroke Hill – 4th-grade girls basketball coach; Harvesters; Operation Breakthrough; Brookside Soccer
  • Something no one in this office knows about you (until now): My College Nickname – The Waterbug
  • Favorite KC Sports Team (Pro or College): Sporting KC (with a nod of the cap to The Royals)
  • If you didn’t work for Komen what else would you be doing? Job in my 2nd life – Sports Broadcasting (i.e. Kevin Harlan’s broadcasting twin)

Do you have something to share with a Komen KC staff member/intern? You can email David at

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