#NBCAM Collaboration: Susan G. Komen Helpline

Collaboration in Action: Susan G. Komen Helpline

1-877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636)

The Susan G. Komen® helpline offers breast cancer education, psychosocial support and information about resources callers need to cope with breast cancer issues.  The helpline also serves as an expert resource and support system, helping patients and families to problem solve by providing information and emotional support and access to Komen’s excellent resources.  The helpline service hours are 9 am – 10 pm ET, Monday – Friday.

The most common inquiries are for breast health information, low-cost mammography resources, financial assistance and support and educational resources.  This dedicated helpline staff of bilingual specialists is overseen by Masters-level social workers and assists about 13,000 people a year.

A helpline specialist may assist a caller in the following ways:

  • Provide information about breast health issues and/or breast cancer
  • Help callers develop a list of needs in order of their priority
  • Provide support and information about relevant community or national resources
  • Educate on coping skills that can help them deal with their cancer diagnosis
  • Reassure clients that their feelings and concerns are typical—that they are not alone in the ways they feel
  • Evaluate the need for emotional support
  • Identify and provide information about other organizations that provide financial assistance and other support services
  • Teach the client how to better communicate with their health care team
  • Rehearse to prepare for doctors’ appointments and to help clients formulate questions and find ways to remember the answers


Follow along all month-long as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month on the various digital platforms of Komen Kansas City and use the hashtag #BCJourney to join in the conversation.

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