Grantee Success Stories: Truman Medical Center

#NBCAM Komen Kansas City Grantee:
Truman Medical Center | Success Stories

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By Morgan Cimpl, Community Health Intern
Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City

Ms. J. never imagined that she would join thousands of women at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. But in August, she did just that. It was her way of “giving back.” When Ms. J. met TMC’s Patient Navigator, she was overwhelmed with fear after receiving a diagnosis of breast cancer. Unable to drive home, she needed time to process the shocking news. TMC’s Patient Navigator brought her to the Navigator office where they spent the next few hours together—talking about her, her family, and about the impact breast cancer.

A breast cancer diagnosis tested Mimi’s ability to cope. She describes the breast cancer journey as more mental than physical. Mimi’s journey began seven months prior to her diagnosis when she felt a lump, but convinced herself that it was nothing to worry about. It was not until she was admitted to the hospital with congestive heart failure that a physician gave her the news she didn’t want to hear. She also had breast cancer. Today, Mimi feels blessed for her strong support system and is grateful for the assistance of the Susan G. Komen Foundation that has been such a vital part of that support. She attributes her positive attitude to the Patient Navigator who has been there from day one. According to Mimi, when the doctor walked out of the office, the Patient Navigator walked in. And they have enjoyed a strong bond ever since. Mimi had always been a “giver”, but now had to ask for help. Working in news production for a radio station, she had to trade her full-time career for a part-time position. With this change, she had difficulty making ends meet for her and her fourteen-year-old son. Fortunately, she received the right help at the right time. She is grateful for the utility assistance provided by Komen. She is also extremely grateful for a scarf that gave her the emotional strength she needed to deal with the loss of her beautiful long hair that had been such a strong part of her identity for so many years.


Truman Medical Center // Patient Navigator Program // $47,090. Truman Medical Center’s Patient Navigator program is dedicated to ensuring that individuals receive support and guidance throughout the cancer care continuum.  Truman Medical Center will promote mammograms among patients in hospital clinics. Additionally, at the time of the breast cancer diagnosis, the Patient Navigators will assist patients in navigating the health care system while supporting them with a broad range of services, including financial assistance, language interpretation, nutritional and physical fitness, and transportation. For more on Truman Medical Center please visit

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