Grantee Success Stories: Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center

#NBCAM Komen Kansas City Grantee:
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center | Success Stories

Sam Rodgers Logoz

By Morgan Cimpl, Community Health Intern
Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City

One of our Health Insurance Market place staff was giving a presentation regarding the Health Center and the Health Insurance Market place. At this event a young lady raised her hand and said she wanted to share her story about Samuel U. Rodgers and how the Health Center saved her life. She was uninsured and could not find anyone to help her get a mammogram. She was given the contact information for Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center and Angie McGee, Breast Care Coordinator. Ms. McGee, using Susan G. Komen funds, was able to get this individual in for a mammogram; she had breast cancer. She stated that she was able to receive medical treatment for breast cancer and believes she is alive today because of the Health Center.

A referral from the Black Health Care Coordinator presented to the Health Center with no health insurance and was unable to provide documentation to qualify for the Health Center’s slide discount.  She was placed into the Komen grant program for her initial clinical breast exam (CBE) and mammogram; and after her results was returned; her report indicated that she had a suspicious mass, recommending a biopsy.  With no insurance and without the funding from Komen, she stated that she would probably have waited to have her biopsy when she found employment and health insurance; which could have resulted in a late stage diagnosis. In addition, she was able to get TEMP Medicaid through the Show Me Healthy Women’s program to pay for her biopsy.


Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center // Samuel U. Rodgers Breast Health Program
// $134,652. 
Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center provides breast health education and breast cancer screenings to underserved populations. This program serves women ages 20-64 who are uninsured and underinsured and primarily targets African-American, Hispanic, Vietnamese, and Somali populations. Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center will provide community outreach and education, participate in community health screenings, diagnostic services, referrals, and case management services. Find out more about Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center at

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