Grantee Success Stories: Healthy Living Kansas (KU Endowment)

#NBCAM Komen Kansas City Grantee:
Healthy Living Kansas (KU Endowment) | Success Stories


By Morgan Cimpl, Community Health Intern
Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City

At the Light House American Indian Ministry home, Healthy Living Kansas conducted Komen educational sessions with American Indian young women/students. At the first session  presented, there were 4 students who stayed after their scheduled Sunday service to talk with HLK about breast health and awareness. They were very interested and had many questions. One young lady in particular stated that her older sister was 28 when diagnosed over a year ago, with Stage 4 breast cancer. She lived about 10-11 months, passed away in the summer of 2013. Her family didn’t know anything about breast cancer and neither did this young lady prior to attending our Komen event. She kept pretty quiet after telling her story but did ask a few questions about how she would know if she will get it, and how to prevent it from happening to her. This same young women came again to another weekend educational event, sharing her story with the 10+ young ladies attending, whom she encouraged to come with her. She asked additional questions about prevention and is now determined to talk with a healthcare provider about her personal risk and when she should begin screening.

A rural Kansas woman attended one of our Komen sessions and received information and resources for getting a screening mammogram, paid by the HLK program. She got her screening mammogram, was called back for a diagnostic mammogram, and then underwent a breast biopsy where cancer was diagnosed.  Within a month after getting her mammogram she was in treatment. She called to tell HLK that she was undergoing chemotherapy and doing well. She was very thankful that she heard the message and got her mammogram.


Healthy Living Kansas (KU Endowment) // Healthy Living Kansas
Breast Health: Coming To Work for YOU!  // $29,948
The Healthy Living Kansas program works in the critically underserved areas of northeast Kansas. The program partners with employers and the gaming industry to offer educational sessions to promote breast self-awareness and early detection. To enhance screening service access, the program assists with mammogram outreach days in collaboration with the local community service providers, tribes, and Early Detection Works. Additionally, the program will develop and disseminate a breast cancer resource toolkit to healthcare providers. Find out more about the Healthy Living Kansas program at

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