Grantee Success Stories: Gilda’s Club Kansas City

#NBCAM Komen Kansas City Grantee:
Gilda’s Club Kansas City | Success Stories


By Morgan Cimpl, Community Health Intern
Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City

“Shari” (name changed) is a 65-year-old woman of Hispanic origin who was one of the first survivors to take the survey during her chemotherapy infusion at TMC. It became evident after the first few questions that Shari was in desperate need of additional support and connections in the community. After the first few questions, she became tearful and stated that, “no one has ever asked me these questions before” and once we began talking and as I sat next to her and we completed the rest of the survey the tears continued to roll as she told her story of needing to quit her job of 30 years as a waitress at “Denny’s” and has felt alone, isolated and confused about where she could go to get resources and support. Shari now attends the “chemo brain fitness” class, has brought her family and her grandkids to social events like “Bingo” and “Card Game Night”, ACS’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program all free of charge at GCKC. Shari is not yet sure if she wants to attend the Breast Cancer Support group, “I’m not a group touchy-feely person” she says but “At least now I know it is there for me when I need it. I now have a place to go and feel welcomed.”


Gilda’s Club // Breast Cancer Distress Screening & Support for Under & Uninsured // $16,560. Gilda’s Club identifies and reduces stress while survivors are actively in breast cancer treatment. The project provides distress screenings for the underserved and uninsured as well as group support, community linkages and one-on-one support. Find out more about Gilda’s Club at

For a full list of 2014-15 Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City Grantees
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