Your Dollars in Action: Komen KC Grantees KU and EDW Save Lives

women silhouette fnl

A rural Kansas woman attended a recent Healthy Living Kansas (a Komen Kansas City grantee) session and received information and resources for getting a screening mammogram paid by the Early Detection Works program (also a Komen Kansas City grantee). She got her screening mammogram, was called back for a diagnostic mammogram, and then underwent a breast biopsy where cancer was diagnosed.

She is a 48-year-old Latina, speaking only Spanish, married, not employed with no health insurance. After being diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, she was enrolled into KS Medicaid for treatment. She is now being treated with chemotherapy for her breast cancer.

Early Detection Works

Within a month after getting her mammogram she was receiving the life-saving treatment she needed. She recently called to tell Healthy Living Kansas that she was undergoing chemotherapy and doing well. She was very thankful that she heard the message at the Healthy Living Kansas program and got her mammogram through EDW.


Your financial support of Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City allows grants to be awarded to nonprofit organizations like the University of Kansas Endowment / Healthy Living Kansas program as well as the Kansas Department of Health & Education which supports Early Detection Works (EDW).

Thank you for saving a life! #Every1KC

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