#Every1 Counts for KC Launched as 2014 Campaign with New Website

Every1 Counts for KC | 21 years of homegrown support!


For the past 21 years, Susan G. Komen of Greater Kansas City has moved beyond
just a group of people rallying together. Today, we’re a strong community. And what
makes this possible? Well, simply put, everyone. Every survivor. Every supporter.
Every story. Every year. They all count. And that’s where the idea for this year was
born – that it’s the ones that help make us whole. Every1 Counts for KC.

Tell us your Every1 Counts for KC story at www.Every1KC.org.


Komen Kansas City is pleased to be able to provide a vehicle to deliver a “Digital High-5” recognizing someone who has made an impact on them: survivors, co-survivors, friends, family, co-workers, etc. Go to the site and fill out the short form with your information and a brief story. Feel free to share your post on Facebook & Twitter too!

Follow #Every1KC story on the many Komen KC social channels: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

A special thank you to the fine folks at MBB (Muller Bressler Brown) for their work on the campaign and the Website.

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