UPDATED: Breast Cancer Survivor Stories: Meet Janet Beck

Editors note: Janet was recently chosen to win a prize pack from our partners at KCMO Talk Radio 710 … hear the phone interview when she received the good news here: 

Over the next few days we’ll be reposting the nominations and photos from our breast cancer survivor contest in conjunction with KCMO Talk Radio and Cumulus Media! Today it’s Janet Beck and her story as nominated by Rebecca Hawkins:

Janet Beck - Survivor

Janet has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, has gone through surgery and will be starting intense radiation treatment in two weeks. Through this whole process she has remained upbeat and positive. She continues to be supportive of others in the apartment complex helping others in any way she can. She is one of the many people that does not qualify for any housekeeping or home health aide assistance due to her making just over the minimum wage to qualify for assistance. She has never asked for help even when she is feeling her worst, preferring to have the help given to others that she feels needs it more.

Those of us filling out this request feel that having someone do for her, cleaning and pampering, would be what it takes to show that all of her giving is appreciated and noticed.

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