Ford Warriors in Pink Models of Courage seeking Nominations

Ford Warriors in Pink is looking for women and men survivors to serve as the Next Generation Warriors in Pink Models of Courage.


After two years championing the cause, the Models of Courage are ready to pass the pink ribbon on to an all-new group of breast cancer survivors. As Models of Courage you will be asked to share your stories, especially in terms of the ways that having breast cancer changed you and/or changed your outlook on life. If you have reached back into the breast cancer community to help others face their battles, we’d like to hear that story, too. We think that your post-cancer perspective could help those currently fighting cancer by inspiring hope.

Requirements / You may be asked to:

  • Travel to a photo shoot
  • Appear in nationally run Warriors in Pink apparel print ads
  • Appear in TV commercials
  • Appear/Speak on local or national TV shows
  • Appear online in videos
  • Participate in outreach events in your community that may require public
  • Travel to various cities to support Warriors in Pink media or consumer facing events

Tell us your story on video or the old fashioned way:

Use your smartphone or video camera to tell your story in 3 (three) minutes or less.*


Write your story in 500 words or less!

Also include:

A recent photo of yourself, links to your website, social media pages or to any work you may have done on behalf of breast cancer in your community.

Email your submission to:*

*If you select to tell your story with a video, upload your video to a YouTube channel and include the video link in your email submission.

Submissions accepted:

Friday, November 8, 2013 through 5P ET Friday, December 13, 2013.

Find out more about the Models of Courage:

Click on the Models of Courage and Courage Talks tabs at or go to

Thank you for your support and we look forward to hearing your story!

Advice for Breast Cancer patients: Eat well for best results!

Eating well has never been more important than it is right now. When you go through treatment for breast cancer, good nutrition will help:

• keep you strong;
• your body rebuild tissue that has been damaged by treatment;
• your body deal with the side effects of treatment; and
• your body fight off infection


Be sure to eat a variety of foods: breads and grains, fruits, vegetables and dairy. You may even need to eat more high-protein foods such as chicken, fish or beans during treatment. High-protein foods and plenty of calories will give your body the energy it needs to keep up with your treatment.

Some people who go through treatment for breast cancer have weight changes. Weight gain may be due to fluid retention and/or increased appetite caused by some cancer medications or the onset of menopause. Weight loss may be a result of poor appetite due to the side effects of treatment or cancer itself. Tell your doctor if you notice a weight gain or loss of five pounds or more in one month.

Additionally, treatment may cause side effects that can directly impact your diet.

For more information on common sides effects such as foods not tasting the same, nausea, etc. please visit: