FOLLOW THE FUNDS FRIDAY: Cancer Action supports Breast Cancer Survivors!

Cancer Action’s Patient Services Program provides assistance to breast cancer survivors, including wellness programs, education, and emotional support. In 2012-2013, Komen Kansas City granted $104,000 to Cancer Action. During that time, 800 breast cancer patients were served and 79% of those surveyed said that Cancer Action’s help reduced their stress in times of illness, treatment or recovery. Through this grant, 563 prescriptions, 248 rides to treatment, 88 breast prosthesis and/or lymphedema sleeves, 192 wigs and over 700 other head wear items, and over 2,500 servings of nutrition were provided. Komen KC also granted Cancer Action $94,729 for a continuation of the patient services program for this year as well.

Cancer Action

Cancer Action has shared a story about how Komen Kansas City funding has been impactful in the life of Susan, a breast cancer survivor in Kansas City: 

Susan is a woman in her mid-50’s diagnosed with breast cancer last year. She was uninsured living on very little income. She had a double mastectomy, while she did not need chemotherapy or radiation, she was placed on an expensive anti-estrogen. 

When she came to Cancer Action she was very stressed about her inability to afford her medicine and her need for two breast prosthesis.  Unfortunately, she also developed lymphedema in both arms. She brought in her electric bill with a shut-off notice. She had a multitude of serious stresses in her life – but Cancer Action was able to help her with all of them! They immediately paid her electric bill, got her medications and worked with one of their vendors to have her professionally fitted for her breast prosthesis and her lymphedema garments. These specialized garments are very expensive. Cancer Action also provided emotional support for her through this very difficult time in her life. She continues to feel better every day and is hopeful to be back at work soon.

How could Cancer Action provide all these things to this woman and so many others in our community fighting breast cancer? Because of the generous support from Komen Kansas City and it’s donors!  Cancer Action said they cannot thank us enough for being a partner in care for hundreds of women who turn to their agency for help during the most difficult time in their life.

Cancer Action cannot support local survivors without their partners and Komen Kansas City cannot support our local grantees without you! Thank you for your generous donations to Komen Kansas City and to survivors like Susan. Susan is just one of the 800 survivors that Cancer Action supports every day. 

You can read more about the program on their Web site at

For more information on all of our current grantees please visit our Website at:

For more information on contributions to support grants like these please visit our Website at:

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