MYTH MONDAY ANSWERS: I’m not at risk for breast cancer because no one in my family has ever had breast cancer!

Did you know that the majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no immediate family history? Only about 13% of women diagnosed have an immediate female relative (mother, father, sister, brother or child) with breast cancer. The two most common risk factors for breast cancer are being female and getting older.


All women are at risk … Know your Risk!

  • Talk to both sides of your family to learn about your family health history
  • Talk to your provider about your personal risk of breast cancer

Inherited genetic mutations:

Only 5%-10% of breast cancer cases in the U.S. are from an inherited genetic mutation, such as BRCA1 or BRCA2. Most breast cancer cases are due to a spontaneous gene mutation, an error in a gene that has occurred in a single cell during your lifetime.

The cause of breast cancer is not known. Although everyone is at risk for breast cancer, having an immediate family member (a parent, sibling or child) with a history of breast cancer increases your own risk of breast cancer by nearly twice the risk compared to  a women without a family history.

Click here to learn more about risk factors and prevention

Breast cancer can happen to anyone, even if you don’t have an immediate family history. Know you risk and know what it is normal for you. Talk with your provider about your personal risk of breast cancer.

Review our breast self-awareness messages

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