FOLLOW THE FUNDS FRIDAY: Your Gifts in Action – Unified Government Public Health Department of Wyandotte County

Last year, Komen Kansas City granted $71,594 to the Unified Government Public Health Department. This grant provided access to preventative screening mammograms and breast health education for women. UGPHD provided 389 clinical breast exams, 234 mammograms, and breast cancer self-awareness information was provided to all women that were seen in the clinic. UGPHD participated in five community health fairs where breast cancer information was given and the UGPHD Health Educator gave 32 community presentations on general and breast health.

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The following is an excerpt from a client story …

“PL” (not her real name) is a 46-year-old Hispanic female with no family history of breast cancer and whose last mammogram was three years ago. A normal clinical breast exam was completed and a small nodule in the left breast was found. PL was then enrolled in the Kansas CDC breast and cervical cancer screening program, Early Detection Works (EDW), and received a diagnostic left breast mammogram and ultrasound free of charge. The radiologist said it was probably benign and she should come back to obtain a follow-up left breast diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound in six months.

PL returned to clinic in six months was given an EDW service voucher for the follow-up left diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound, which were found to be stable and still benign. The doctor told PL to come back for an annual screening mammogram in six months. Though no biopsy was necessary nor was cancer diagnosed, this story expresses the importance of annual exams and follow-up services are to early diagnoses.

Komen Kansas City funding does not always detect breast cancer in women, but sometimes the stories have a much happier ending. PL does not have breast cancer, but EDW gave her peace of mind and the ability to afford a mammogram when she originally could not. 

In 2013, Komen Kansas City continued their partnership with UGPHD with a $75,615 grant for Screening Mammography Services for Qualified Women.

This program continues to allow low-income, uninsured/underinsured women the ability to receive breast health education and access to preventative clinical breast exams and screening mammograms. This includes providing education classes through partnership with the YMCA’s Salsa Sabor y Salud program (another Komen KC grantee) as well as through community outreach events. For more information on these programs please visit their Web site at

For more information on all of our current grantees please visit our Website at:

For more information on contributions to support grants like these please visit our Website at:

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