FOLLOW THE FUNDS FRIDAY: Your Gifts in Action – Social Welfare Board

Komen Kansas City granted the Social Welfare Board (St. Joseph, MO) $136,545 for breast services in 2012. The Breast Cancer Prevention Program provided breast cancer prevention through education, clinical breast exams and mammograms for uninsured women in Buchanan County, MO.

Social Welfare Board

With this funding, the Social Welfare Board has provided 425 clinical breast exams, 225 mammograms, 20 diagnostic mammograms, four ultrasounds, six consults and five biopsies. The clinic also participated in 11 community fairs and three “Lunch and Learn” programs.

The Social Welfare Board’s Breast Cancer Prevention Program has helped many women, but they have shared the story of “TK” (not her real name), whose life was spared because of the program and her co-worker.

TK is 43 years old and began working at a local convenient store last year. After several weeks of employment she confided in a co-worker that she had a breast lump, but she didn’t have insurance to cover the costs of a mammogram. Her co-worker recommended she go to the Social Welfare Board because she had received birth control services there before. TK was evaluated and diagnosed with a stage IV breast cancer. She is currently undergoing treatment.

TK’s story shows that education of breast health and local services can save a person’s life. It is important not to ignore a breast lump!

In 2013, Komen Kansas City continued their partnership with the Social Welfare Board awarding a $116,057 grant for a Community Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention (CABCP).

CABCP is a program that works to promote education and increase screening in Buchanan and Atchison counties. This program promotes breast self-awareness through “educational parties” that are held in homes and other places accessible to the community. This program also provides clinical breast exams and referrals to mammograms and follow-ups through Heartland. For more information please visit their Web site at

For more information on all of our current grantees please visit our Website at:

For more information on contributions to support grants like these please visit our Website at:

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