FOLLOW THE FUNDS FRIDAY: Your Gifts in Action – Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center

2013 Komen Kansas City Grantee Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center has a program titled The Breast Health Program.

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The Breast Health Program works to provide education, screening and case management services to uninsured and underinsured women in Jackson County. Through community outreach events, this program will provide breast self-awareness education, clinical breast exams, mammography screenings and diagnostic services. The Breast Care Coordinator provides women with case management through the health care system, following patients through the continuum of care as needed. 

Komen Kansas City granted $136,000  to Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center. SURHC provides outreach, education, and case management for the underserved population in the community. This year, SURHC has provided 200 stationary mammograms, 50 diagnostic mammograms, 50 ultrasounds, and over 1,500 women with information regarding breast health services and self-awareness.

SURHC detected 11 cases of breast cancer this year using Komen Kansas City funding!

One of these survivors was “GV” (not her real name), a 37-year-old woman who felt a lump in her left breast during a self-exam. She was given a mammogram and left breast ultrasound and the radiologist recommended a biopsy. She had breast cancer.

One week later GV went in for treatment planning and an MRI that revealed a mass on the right breast as well. In December, GV had a double mastectomy. She has recently returned to SURHC to thank Renee Jeria, Lead Mammography Technician, and the Health Center for saving her life.

Early detection is key when it comes to breast cancer diagnoses. SURHC uses Komen Kansas City funding to provide this service to many community members who cannot afford life-saving services on their own.

For more information on all of our current grantees please visit our Website at:

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