FOLLOW THE FUNDS FRIDAY: Your Gifts in Action – Northland Healthcare Access

2013 Komen Kansas City Grantee Northland Health Care Access has a program titled MetroCARE – Breast Care for the Uninsured. MetroCARE (MC) links area women to free breast screenings, follow-up diagnostic and treatment including surgery procedures and oncology.


Komen Kansas City granted $28,293 to this program which provided 300 clients with educational materials, 77 referrals to screenings, 68 referrals to Saint Luke’s Northland Mobile Mammography, 31 referrals to Imaging for Women (for screenings), 22 diagnostic mammograms and 24 treatment referrals. MetroCARE helped eight uninsured patients with breast surgery funding, linked five survivors with oncology care, and educated 147 patients and linked them to screenings through one-on-one visits.

Northland Health Care Access has provided Jane’s story as an example of the impact Komen Kansas City and the MetroCARE program has had on the community:

Jane and her husband were unable to afford healthcare due to pre-existing conditions, so her primary care physician requested her to go to MetroCARE. On her first visit, Jane was screened and showed the MC staff several sores on her face, arms and chest. Other providers gave her general antibiotics to fight what they called “abscesses,” but they did not seem to be helping.

Within weeks of enrolling in MC, Jane was referred for a diagnostic mammogram and biopsy and was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She completed her radiation and chemotherapy through MC. She is now a beautiful, blonde survivor, who is once again playing an active role in her grandbabies’ lives and speaking to the community about the life-saving services provided to her by MetroCARE.

“This is a prime example of the program’s continuum of care provided thanks to the Komen KC grant and the work of MC,” Karen Dolt at Northland Health Care Access says.

When you donate to Komen Kansas City you are making a lifesaving contribution to support programs like MetroCARE and survivors like Jane.

For more information on all of our current grantees please visit our Website at:

For more information on contributions to support grants like these please visit our Website at:

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