TALK ABOUT IT-1When we think about access to care with respect to breast cancer, the first thing that comes to mind is medical care. From detection to treatment and survivorship, access to resources varies across service areas. It is important for newly diagnosed survivors to be introduced to programs and services that may guide them to the resources they need to make informed decision about their own care.

This includes availability of screening services such as:

  • mammography and ultrasound
  • treatment options such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation
  • support services such as support groups
  • complementary therapy services, and even massage services
  • resource centers so that the survivor can research options for clinical trials,
  • nutrition
  • how to get involved

There are many barriers to accessing breast cancer care, including:

  • child care
  • transportation to and from treatment
  • knowledge of options
  • work schedules

In addition, not everyone has access to breast cancer services near their home and may have to travel long distances to access even the most basic of care. Many local and regional resources are available to help break down these barriers.

If you or someone you know is having challenges finding and/or receiving proper care please contact the Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City Affiliate to learn about numerous options to reduce these barriers.

Komen KC Office: 816.842.0410
Komen KC Email:
Komen KC Grantees: Click here!
Komen KC Local Resources: Click here!

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