MYTH MONDAY: Only women over 40 get breast cancer? It’s a MYTH!

Only women over 40 get breast cancer? It’s a MYTH!


When it comes to breast cancer, “young” usually means anyone younger than 40 years old. Breast cancer is less common among women in this age group but it can and does happen! In the United States, about 5% of all breast cancer cases occur in women under age 40. While the risk of breast cancer increases with age, all women are at risk for getting breast cancer!

Women who carry a BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation have an increased risk of breast cancer. Estimates of this increased risk vary greatly. Women who carry a BRCA1 gene mutation have a 50% to 70% chance of developing breast cancer by age 70. For BRCA2 carriers, estimates range from 40% to 60%. While in a group of 100 women with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation, between 40 and 70 will develop breast cancer by age 70. Because these numbers represent average risk, the risk of breast cancer for any one woman with a BRCA1 or BRCA2 mutation may fall outside this range.

Diagnosing breast cancer in young women can be more difficult because their breast tissue is often more dense than the breast tissue of older women. By the time a lump can be felt in a young woman, it is often large enough and advanced enough to lower her chances of survival. In addition, the cancer may be more aggressive and less responsive to hormone therapies. Delayed diagnosis in young women is a problem. Because it is rare for a young woman to get the disease, they are often told to wait and watch a lump. Tell your doctor if you notice any change in your breasts, and think about getting a second opinion if you are not satisfied with his or her advice. KNOW YOUR NORMAL!

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SURVIVOR SATURDAY: The First 15 Faces of Komen!

In April 2013 The Faces of Komen Campaign was launched at the Inaugural Komen Reveal: a celebration of the beginning of events that commemorated 20 years of impact in Greater Kansas City.

4x4 Komen20 Banner

That evening, in addition to recognizing 17 newly announced grantees, Komen KC leaders unveiled six profiles as part of The Faces of Komen series. They included:

In May 2013, the 16th Annual Pink Promise Brunch offered supporters another chance to see the next five Faces of Komen … this time it was both survivors and co-survivors featured. They included:

In August 2013, the 20th Annual Race for the Cure was the venue to showcase the next round of the Faces fo Komen … again, both survivors and co-survivors were featured. They included:

The final five Faces of Komen are being revealed over the next five weeks for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month! They include:

  • Shalina Burt (10.04.13)
  • Mayela Gomez (10.11.13)
  • Karen Miller (10.18.13)
  • Debbie Schulte (10.25.13)
  • Nicole Smith (11.01.13)