Komen Kansas City Race for the Cure … An Open Loop

By Guest Columnists Dr. Linda Harrison and Dr. Tricia McGhie
Radiologists/bloggers, Diagnostic Imaging Centers

Some races go in circles, where start and finish are the same point. In Kansas City, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is not a closed loop. After sweating out some serious energy, you are not back to where you started from – you are somewhere new. And that means something very special to us.

DIC Pink Show LacesThe fight against breast cancer can be wildly frustrating, and progress can never move quickly enough – but with every step, we move farther from the first challenges, growing ever closer to a woman’s best possible health and a world without breast cancer. We go from one place to another, as fast as our feet can carry us. It’s a race.

We look forward to the Race every year because it is an outpouring of energy and promise, a coming together of the many dedicated people all with different roles, all in an effort to save lives. Komen Kansas City provides support and education to those in our community, and funds research locally and nationally to fight breast cancer. Runners train and raise money, all with the common goal – breast cancer no more! We at Diagnostic Imaging Centers repeat our mantras: “Early detection saves lives. Get your exams: annual screening mammograms, clinical breast exams, and your monthly self-exams. If you see (or feel) something, say something.”

Sunday was a beautiful uplifting day for teamwork, cheering, sweating, sunscreen and lip balm, pink shoelaces and tutus, survivors, fighters, and honoring those we’ve lost to breast cancer. Tens of thousands of Kansas Citians poured through the streets in a sea of bold pink to say, “Today is great but we can make tomorrow better.”

We are so thrilled to have been a part of this tremendous outpouring of love. It was a beautiful day. Let’s have more of them!

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