Let’s all cherish the beautiful gift of this day!

By Guest Columnist Dr. Linda Harrison
Radiologist, Diagnostic Imaging Centers

(Reprinted from the speech presented By Dr. Harrison at the 2013 Komen Kansas City Pink Promise Brunch on May 11 at the Overland Park Convention Center)

Dr. Linda Harrison welcomes more than 1,000 guests to the 2013 Komen Kansas City Pink Promise Brunch on behalf of Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. in May.

Dr. Linda Harrison welcomes more than 1,000 guests to the 2013 Komen Kansas City Pink Promise Brunch on behalf of Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. in May.

Susan G. Komen was born out of a promise, a precious gift between sisters. We applaud the beautiful legacy of giving that this promise has brought about. We at Diagnostic Imaging Centers feel fortunate to know, work with and be a part of the Greater Kansas City Affiliate, now celebrating its 20th anniversary. The affiliate and DIC celebrate 20 years of giving and 20 years of spreading the word so that the promise of one sister to another is fulfilled in faces across our city and in the counties around our city.

The Kansas City Affiliate’s efforts have paid off. We know the faces and the stories of those that Komen Kansas City has supported. Each face and each story is unique. We know women have used Susan G. Komen’s support to have mammograms when they could not afford them, to be guided through the confusion and the pain of a breast cancer diagnosis through Patient Navigation such as the program at Truman Medical Center, and even the thousands of women who have been gifted with the help of transportation, supplements, wigs and more from grant organizations like Cancer Action. Hundreds of women in our community, most whom have never met, have something in common. They have benefited from the programs funded by our Komen affiliate. Their faces remind us that each dollar raised is a gift, a gift fulfilling the promise of sisters.

The giving does not stop here. The money raised in Kansas City also, in part, pools together with affiliates across the country to fund research advancing the vision of a life without breast cancer into a reality.  What a powerful gift for our daughters and their future. To honor the spirit of giving, we at Diagnostic Imaging Centers – from the 16 physicians to each of our 196 employees – are happy and proud to once again have been the presenting sponsors of the 2013 Komen Kansas City Pink Promise Brunch.

Diagnostic Imaging Centers provides patient focused care at our six offices in the Kansas City area, offering all types of outpatient imaging, from x-rays to MRIs, performing between 40,000-50,000 mammograms every year. From the first, our physician owners were committed to performing breast imaging with a difference.  We continue to provide patient centered care, where a woman can come in for her mammogram and receive results before she leaves our office and same day workups if they are needed. We as radiologists and our terrific imaging team are committed to the goals of Susan G. Komen.

In our day to day practice we see the power of screening mammography and are all too familiar with its limitations. Interpreting mammograms is truly one of a radiologist’s most difficult tasks. It can be incredibly rewarding, supremely frustrating and oh-so-humbling –all in the same day. We want you, the breast cancer survivors to know that we never take our role in your journey lightly. We are often the first person to utter the words “breast cancer” to you, starting you on that roller coaster ride that follows. Know that for us, you are not just a statistic, quickly forgotten or easily dismissed. A piece of you stays with us – reminding us of why we do our jobs, why we strive to keep improving, why we are committed to the precious gift of a promise between sisters. We imagine a life without breast cancer with you.

Diagnostic Imaging Centers stays committed to Komen because we believe in that promise between sisters. We sponsor the Pink Promise Brunch as a way of giving back to our Kansas City community and to a cause we hold close to our hearts. We give, believing the words of Winston Churchill:

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life but what we give.”

Let’s all cherish the beautiful gift of this day. 

Editor’s note: Diagnostic Imaging Centers is proud to be a sponsor of both the Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City Pink Promise Brunch and Race for the Cure.