Mammograms … Go Digital!

By Guest Columnist Dr. Linda Harrison
Radiologist, Diagnostic Imaging Centers

digital-mammographyMammograms use x-ray technology to create images of your breasts, but how those images are taken, displayed, transmitted, and stored can be done in multiple ways the old way was film, but the more recent technology is digital.

Digital technology in mammography has several advantages: shareability, speed, and accuracy. Film takes time to develop, and it provides a physical record that needs to be carried by hand (or mail) from one doctor’s office to another. Digital technology can transmit images immediately from the mammography machine to the radiologist’s screen for interpretation, then to the referring physician if needed. Digital technology also adds an extra edge in increased accuracy for women with dense breasts and improved visualization of breast tissue for women with implants.

At Diagnostic Imaging Centers, we have digital mammography for your health and convenience at all of our offices. The steps you go through will be nearly the same as a mammogram going to film: you will still have to partially disrobe, go through a brief period of compression (less than 10 seconds per view), and wait for results.

The technologist will have an almost instant view of the images after they are taken. At
Diagnostic Imaging Centers, our full time radiologists are always on staff to review the
mammograms as soon as they are performed. This allows patients to leave with results in hand. This also makes it possible to immediately perform any additional imaging (extra mammogram views and even breast ultrasound) that may occasionally be necessary. Additional workup can be done promptly and at the same visit.

The advancements in digital technology make it the obvious choice for mammography needs. Diagnostic Imaging Centers led the way as the first in the Kansas City area to bring digital mammography to our patients. We continue that commitment to provide the best in patient care.

Editor’s Note: Diagnostic Imaging Centers, P.A. is the proud Presenting Sponsor of the 2012 & 2013 Pink Promise Brunch and a continuing Bronze Sponsor of the Race for the Cure!

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