Making a difference in the Hispanic Community

By Guest Columnist: Lucy Bernall 
Lay Health Educator with the Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer

The Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer has implemented a Lay Health Educator Program for the Hispanic community in Greater Kansas City. The program serves uninsured/under-served women, primarily Latinas in Wyandotte, Johnson and Jackson Counties. The program curriculum is in place to increase awareness and knowledge among Latinos about breast cancer, risk reduction, early detection and available community resources. The program trains community members to be lay health educators who then present the programming to the community. Hear from Lucy as she shares her experience as an educator:

“Our program! “

“This is how I can describe it by starting with the possessive “Our”.  As a volunteer/lay educator, I have seen the importance of sharing our knowledge to other ladies, who by some many taboos from our Hispanic society, haven’t learned the importance of taking care of themselves or haven’t really learned how to take care of their body. Our program provides knowledge to these ladies; they recognize the value of caring for what they are as women, mothers, sisters, or  wives; a value that gives them the feeling of being healthy and loved, something they can give to their families as better persons. We talk about health, but at the end, those groups of ladies become friends with a desire to help other ladies or even with the desire to become lay educators to reach more
Hispanic women in this country. 
Actions speak louder than words,
but I should say, sparkling and happy faces 
speak louder than anything else!”

New LHEs

Lay Health Educators from the Coalition for Hispanic Women Against Cancer

The Coalition for Hispanic Women Against Cancer has also started a Spanish-Speaking breast cancer support group. Lucy goes on to talk what this support group means to the Hispanic community:

“This is just the beginning of a great path that will give the opportunity to many Hispanic Ladies to express and to share their fears about their health, and sometimes their insecurity of being in a different place far from home when going through a tough situation. Having the opportunity to share what they feel without being judge, speaking from their bottom of their hearts in their own language, or just knowing that there are more ladies who can help them just by listening or by giving them a hug, it is priceless! Our Hispanic community is growing and growing, and we need to be a support for them, no matter what, just because they are women like us.”

The support group meets on the fourth Thursday of every month at the following location:

1333 South 27th Street / Kansas City, KS 66106
7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

The support group is in Spanish and is free. For more information see:
Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer Monthly Support Group

Susan G. Komen Greater Kansas City is proud to partner with the
Coalition of Hispanic Women Against Cancer.

Nearly $1.0 Million in Heath Care Grants Awarded at Reveal Party

Komen Kansas City Announces Record Dollars to 17 Regional Grantees

dollar-sign1This evening we announced a record setting list of grant awards to local and regional organizations stretching from Topeka, KS to St. Joseph, MO to Kansas City, MO at our annual Komen Reveal Party. Komen Kansas City leaders presented $959,901 to 17 nonprofit organizations that support breast health programs throughout Komen’s 17-county service area in Kansas & Missouri.

“Tonight is about giving back to the community for supporting our efforts throughout the year,” said Carli Good, Executive Director. “Being able to fund 17 grantees with more money than we have ever been able to commit is a testament to our partnerships with these worthy nonprofits and a real showing of support from the community helping to make their cities better.”

Good, along with Komen Kansas City Board President Laurie Roberts, announced that, including grants made this evening, Komen KC has now invested more than $10 million in the community through education and breast health programs during their 20-year history in Kansas City. A retrospective timeline of the affiliate featuring many of their milestones was on display as well as stories from survivors, grantees, staff and volunteers throughout the event. Komen KC also used the evening to launch their 20th anniversary celebrations with various campaigns focusing on survivors, volunteers and grantees throughout the year. These stories and photography will be showcased on our Website,, as well as throughout their social media pages.

“This campaign will be seen throughout the remainder of our 20th anniversary year, in as many places as possible to highlight those who inspire us to keep racing for a cure, to keep raising money for (life-saving) screenings and to keep fighting for a cure,” said Roberts, Managing Partner at Parris Communications. 

The following worthy organizations received grants for the coming year:

Atchison Hospital Association: $21,552 / Saving Lives with Early Detection
Saving Lives with Early Detection focuses on increasing education and screening for women in Atchison, Brown, Doniphan, and Jefferson, Kansas. This includes educating 400 women in the communities and also increasing screening rates by an estimated 1,290 women.

Black Health Care Coalition: $36,062 / Healthy Generations … Pass it on!
This program ensures that 250 women in the African American community ages 40-64 receive culturally competent breast health education and patient navigation services for continuum of care, including Clinical Breast Exams and mammograms.

Cancer Action, Inc.: $94,728 / Breast Cancer Patient Services
Breast Cancer Services addresses the physical, social, emotional and financial needs that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis for those in Johnson and Wyandotte, Kansas and Clay, Jackson, and Platte, Missouri. This program provides services such as case management, prescription assistance, transportation, nutritional supplements, breast prosthesis, lymphedema sleeves, medical equipment and supplies, wigs, education, and emotional support.

Coalition of Hispanic Women against Cancer: $48,732 / 
Mujeres Ayundando Mujeres – “Women Helping Women”
This is a comprehensive breast health program to increase awareness and knowledge among Latinas about breast cancer prevention, early detection/screenings, and available community resources. In addition, this program will provide mammography screenings. Also, a 10-month, Spanish-speaking support group will be offered to breast cancer patients or survivors, reaching a minimum of 10 individuals.

Gilda’s Club Kansas City: $13,923 / 
Distress Screening and Psychosocial Support for the Underinsured or Uninsured
This program works to provide psychosocial support to women diagnosed with breast cancer at Truman Medical Center. 45 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer will be provided with an onsite distress screening. In addition, this project connects 144 women with breast cancer specific support and networking groups, led by licensed mental health professionals, where patients can connect with others who understand their

The Breast Center at Heartland Regional Medical Center: $23,808 / 
Bridging the Gap-Access for All Women
Bridging the Gap-Access for All Women is designed to ensure access to screening and diagnostic services to all women in Doniphan, Buchanan, Clay, and Platte counties. This program provides breast health services for women who have undergone financial counseling and are identified to not meet requirements for other programs. In addition, this program provides monthly community outreach about breast health and giving opportunities for community members to sign up for mammograms.

Kansas Department of Health and Environment: $52,904 / Early Detection Works
Early Detection Works provides breast screening and diagnostic services to uninsured women in Kansas. The Early Detection Works Program would provide approximately 370 women, ages 40 to 49, with screening mammograms; 15 women with clinical breast exams; and 23 women with diagnostic services. In addition, this program also sponsors six breast health education events.

KU Endowment: $24,223 / Rural Northeast Healthy Living Kansas Breast Health
This program will use a community-based approach to raise breast self-awareness and inform women about existing screening resources. This will include 6 interactive educational workshops teaching individuals about breast self-awareness, prevention, early detection, and clinical screening guidelines. Collaborative efforts for screening referral services will be onsite at each educational event to ensure a seamless referral to local community mammography services.

Northland Healthcare Access: $50,735 / Breast Care for the Uninsured
Breast Care for the Uninsured provides the full continuum of care for uninsured, low-income women from screenings to breast cancer treatment and beyond. Women in Cass, Clay, Jackson, and Platte counties are educated about breast health and are then connected to providers for services at no cost to the patients. This program also educates and connects women to screening through direct mailings and care coordinators who connect patients to breast health services as well as providing psychosocial support.

Swope Health Services: $53,014 / Mammogram Access
Mammogram access provides no charge comprehensive breast screening services to low-income, uninsured and underinsured women. The program will provide clinical breast exams, screening mammograms, and diagnostic services. In addition, this program sponsors 6 breast health days to educate women and allow them to schedule screenings.

Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City: $115,775 / Saint Luke’s Cancer Institute 
Kansas City Metropolitan Breast Screening and Education Program
The Breast Screening and Education Program provides breast health education and an estimated 350 Clinical Breast Exams and screening mammograms for patients who are uninsured/underinsured through community referrals to the hospital. The program will also provide 350 taxi vouchers for transportation.

Samuel U. Rodgers Health Center: $136,597 / Breast Health Program
The Breast Health Program works to provide education, screening and case management services to uninsured and underinsured women in Jackson County. Through community outreach events, this program will provide breast self-awareness education, clinical breast exams, mammography screenings and diagnostic services. The Breast Care Coordinator provides women with case management through the health care system, following patients through the continuum of care as needed.

Social Welfare Board: $116,057 / Community Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention
A Community Approach to Breast Cancer Prevention is a program that works to promote education and increase screening in Buchanan and Atchison counties. This program promotes breast self-awareness through “educational parties” that are held in homes and other places accessible to the community. This program also provides clinical breast exams and referrals to mammograms and follow-ups through Heartland.

Truman Medical Center: $54,720 / Patient Navigator Program
The Patient Navigator Program is dedicated to ensuring that 60 newly diagnosed individuals receive the support they need to navigate through diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and survivorship. This program also provides education literature to individuals. In addition nutritional and physical health educational sessions will also be provided to breast cancer survivors.

Unified Government Public Health / Department of Wyandotte County: $75,615
Screening Mammography Services for Qualified Women
This program allows low income, uninsured/underinsured women the ability to receive breast health education and access to preventative clinical breast exams and screening mammograms. This includes providing education classes through partnership with the YMCA’s Salsa Sabor y Salud program as well as through community outreach events.

YMCA of Greater Kansas City: $6,566 / Salsa, Sabor y Salud
This program will work to improve access to culturally specific breast health education and services for uninsured and underinsured Hispanic and Latinos in Wyandotte County. Through partnership with Unified Government, this program will also work to ensure increased ease in navigating through the breast cancer continuum of care and provide access to clinical breast

YWCA St. Joseph: $34,890 / ENCORE plus program
The ENCORE program focuses on breast health education, in English and Spanish, for underserved women in Buchanan County. This program also works to reduce barriers for underserved women by providing Spanish interpretation and transportation services to 250 individuals. Through collaborative efforts with Heartland and Social Welfare Board, this program includes a 24 hour “Mammathon” where mammograms are provided, reminders are given, and future appointments can be scheduled.