Breast Cancer Webinar Kicks Off Awareness Month


Join Susan G. Komen® as we kick off National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (#NBCAM) with the first of many informative & impactful webinars
over the next six weeks:

Progress Towards a Cure for Breast Cancer: Small Steps and Big Leaps

1130AM CT to 1230PM CT | 09.24.2014

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Presented by Dr. George Sledge | Susan G. Komen Chief Scientific Advisor; Professor of Medicine and Pathology, and Chief of the Division of Oncology in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University

Hosted by the North Central Region of Susan G. Komen

While we are making real progress, the cure has been an elusive goal in breast cancer, particularly in the setting of advanced disease. Where are we today, and where are we headed in the near future? How can we use the emerging technologies of genomics and tumor immunology to improve the lot of breast cancer patients? And what is Susan G. Komen’s role in the emerging biologic revolution that will transform breast cancer care?

Dr. George Sledge

Dr. Sledge is recognized internationally for his work in breast cancer research and treatment. A clinical trialist and pioneer in the development of novel therapies for breast cancer, Dr. Sledge directed the first large, nationwide trial that studied the efficacy of paclitaxel as a therapy for advanced breast cancer. Since then, he has served as the principal investigator for many nationwide clinical trials involving new therapies for breast cancer. His research focuses on molecular and tumor biology, growth factors and anti-angiogenic therapy. With his Komen-funded grant, Dr. Sledge is searching for new, druggable targets in triple negative breast cancers, investigating the process of angiogenesis (tumors forming new blood vessels) and identifying genetic clues that will help us better understand how this occurs. He is also evaluating new technologies that capture tumor cells circulating in the blood stream, which may provide doctors with better tools to understand and treat metastatic breast cancer.

When asked about his partnership as a Komen Grantee he replied: “Komen’s role is not just at a funder of research, but as a convener of researchers. We bring researchers together at our Scientific Advisory Board, at our Komen Scholars meeting, in our study sections that judge the merits of grants, and in the grant applications themselves. We are an eminently social organization: we actively create the “Great Weave” of breast cancer research. And that is why I love working with Susan G. Komen.”

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Susan G. Komen® Creates Komen TV Video on Komen KC

It’s been a banner year for your local Kansas City Affiliate of Susan G. Komen … we’ve mentioned our commitment of nearly $700,000 to 13 area nonprofits who are focused on breast health, screenings and education. We’ve talked about the success of our 21st Annual Race for the Cure in August. And we’ve talked about the recent National Promise Award presented to Komen KC by Susan G. Komen.

And now we are pleased to be part of a Komen TV spot highlighting our affiliate all that has been accomplished over the past few years in Kansas City. Take a look at the recent feature down on your Susan G. Komen  affiliate. Take a look!

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